What Are The 5 Best POS Systems for Your Business?

For many businesses, a point of sale (POS) system is non-negotiable. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to accept credit cards or track your inventory or sales, and your business wouldn’t be able to serve customers. Imagine that your business is specialized, and your POS needs to be too.

You may have looked for the best banks for small business in florida (or wherever your business is situated), and accordingly set up a money tracking and accounting system for your company’s financial records. Now, having a specialized POS system for your business can streamline sales and inventory to generate more profits and improve customer satisfaction. With the help of a good POS system, you can accept payment through various methods such as cards, cash, QR codes, and most importantly NFC. Contactless payment options such as NFC can be convenient for people as they would just have to tap their smartphones over the POS machine to process the transaction. That said, if you want to learn more, you can read up on blog posts by Unicornpayment as NFC payments are explained here in detail.

For restaurants, your POS system needs to be able to track inventory, prep orders, and manage seats while also helping you manage your business’s finances. For retailers, your POS system also needs to track inventory and enable you to track sales. Similarly, for unconventional businesses like cannabis, the POS should be specifically designed to cater to the company and provide benefits such as better workflow flexibility, faster checkout process, less expensive hardware, easier-to-manage lines, and more. If needed, you can check out POS service websites such as https://www.posabit.com/pocket-point-of-sale to get in-depth information on the pros and cons of special POS systems.

Moreover, if your small business has been around for 5 or more years, then you probably have a point-of-sale system along with retail QR codes for payment feasibility.

But why use an expensive system like QuickBooks when there are plenty of affordable options? We break it down below.

Squareup.com: Best Overall

Square is transforming the way that merchants process payments. With Square’s mobile card reader, merchants can process payments in minutes. With Square’s powerful, easy-to-use tools, you can accept payments, track business, grow sales, and operate your business from anywhere. Square’s free point of sale software is simple, secure, and designed for the way small businesses run their day-to-day operations. Square was founded on the belief that businesses should be in control of their finances and that payments shouldn’t get in the way of growth.

ehopper.com: Best Value

Ehopper.com was founded in 2002. Its mission is to provide businesses with technology that helps increase their sales. By offering its services, Ehopper.com is helping elevate today’s businesses and the economics of the years to come. ehopper.com is the online destination for business solutions, delivering integrated consumer-facing and merchant-facing self-service retail POS systems and cloud-based integrated enterprise management solutions. ehopper is designed and engineered by industry veterans, with integrations with leading gateways, modems, and eCommerce platforms.

touchbistro.com: Best for Restaurants

When looking for a point-of-sale system, consider touchbistro.com. A point-of-sale system is one of the most important pieces of technology your business can have because it helps you track everything from inventory and payments to sales and customer data. With it, you can create and track purchase orders, run stock control, and even generate detailed financial statements. And with touchbistro.com, you also have access to dedicated support, free training, and many great resources.

vendhq.com: Best for Retail

There are plenty of point-of-sale systems out there, but VendHQ takes the cake when it comes to features and price. VendHQ is one of the most affordable POS systems out there (they start at $10/month), and with optional features, it can handle just about any service-based business. VendHQ is all you need to run your cafe, bar, restaurant, or bar. Vendhq.com is a cloud-based point of sale software system that offers a fully integrated point of sale software backed by top-of-the-line customer support. Vendhq.com features an intuitive user interface, automatic inventory updates, allowing inventory management for retail, ecommerce, restaurants, and custom POS apps, and B2B integration for wholesale equipment sales.

shopify.com: Best for E-commerce

Shopify is a cloud-based e-commerce platform that allows users to sell products online. Shopify has provided online retailers the tools they needed to accept payments in a secure online environment since 2004. Their hosted e-commerce platform has various features that help businesses run and scale effectively. Shopify is a cloud-based POS system that can be used in any retail setting, from single-location stores to national chains. The system can be used as a standalone POS unit or connected to your ecommerce site. It is extremely customizable, allowing you to tailor the POS system to meet the specific needs of your business.

lightspeedhq.com: Also Consider

LightspeedHQ is a cloud-based point of sale software that keeps businesses organized, efficient, and profitable. Whether your small businesses need an all-in-one point-of-sale solution or a stripped-down platform, Lightspeed delivers powerful features, flexible pricing, and a straightforward upgrade path. With Lightspeed, you get more than just point-of-sale software: you get a team of people who live and breathe small businesses. Quality POS Systems for restaurants, retail, and bar. Streamline operations, optimize sales, track inventory, and easily manage the daily business. LightspeedHQ’s feature-rich, scalable POS solutions can help grow your business.