At Convoy On The Air, we offer people-centric freight, marketing, and technical solutions that guarantee business success. We strive to deliver creative business solutions through innovative technology and ingenuity, enriching the lives of those involved in these industries. Our mission is to provide quality information and the latest updates on everything relevant to the industry, so you can stay up-to-date on all the changes happening in the world of business and make better decisions to drive your organisation towards success. The guiding values of our company define our work culture and we live by them every single day. It’s our culture’s core values of integrity, teamwork, determination, fun, and excellence that make us so refreshingly different. Our values are evident in everything we do, whether it’s communicating with customers, or delivering solutions to clients.

 Hiya! I’m Tracy, a budding entrepreneur and writer, a successful marketer, and an unflinching optimist, dedicated to enjoying what life has to offer when I have the chance to. When I was young, I was passionate about a mishmash of things like writing, psychology, dancing, business, traveling, and spirituality. In fact, I was one of those people whose ambitions changed constantly because I wanted to do everything. Having tried several corporate jobs and known the struggle of trying to choose just one thing to do in life, I realised I could utilise my combination of interests and skills to my advantage. So I decided to pursue something that could combine all my passions, to deliver individual strategies to people in a world of machine-generated ideas. That’s how my career in marketing began, and I now have clients around the world and a cute little office in London.



I’m really glad you’re here! My name is Rakesh. Ever since finishing my degree, I’ve known what I wanted to do, and it was my mother who taught me what it meant to pursue your dreams. So I worked hard for my dream and started working in the logistics sector. Along the way, I’ve made some some great connections and even better friends, including Tracy, who I’m now in partnership with for this website. We created this website to provide you with relevant information on logistics, marketing, and technology to fuel your unstoppable dreams. Sure, I have made my fair share of mistakes and do not always have the answer to every business problem, but I strive to find answers and solutions to those questions and problems that never cease to amaze me.

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