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Can partial freight from multiple shippers be consolidated so that only the space required by shippers is paid for, thus saving shippers money over truckload shipping? How about filling up trucks with partial freight to maximise trailer utilisation and potentially increase revenue for shared truckload hauls by up to 20%? Our resources allow you to learn more about freight handling, supply chain management, and how to optimise your full suite of transportation services.


The technology industry is continuously evolving as more new gadgets, gizmos, and gadgets become available. And only a business that keeps up with technology will be able to meet the changing expectations and demands of consumers. Whether it’s the latest technological trend or industry best practices, you’ll find the right information on our website. You can also learn about recent software releases, IT, global tech options, and cybersecurity here.

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We provide quality content, keeping the overall business development requirements in mind. So, it is in our best interest to outline the specific strategies and technologies you can use to meet your business goals and make informed business decisions across various departments.


Explore the latest industry trends and standards, labour issues, management trends, new market research, and various business development and enrichment opportunities in the logistics and supply chain industry.


Discover what it takes to grow a business in today’s business landscape by deep diving into consumer attention and emerging marketing areas, and walk away with actionable ideas that can be put into practice.


With the objective of ensuring our ideas and plans are culturally rich, align with the company’s long-term business goals, and consumer-driven, we approach strategy with a focus on practicality, feasibility, and adaptability.


Keep up with all the latest technological trends relevant to your industry everything from interfacing internal and external logistics to fleet management systems, warehouse management software and more.

If you want to succeed in today’s world, you should bring your whole self to the table. And no matter what type of business you run, a creative and entrepreneurial approach is essential for maximising your success in the modern world and finding fulfilment and happiness. That’s what I did when I started my marketing career. I combined my passions for writing, psychology, entrepreneurship, music, and spirituality, and came up with strategies that have proven to attract traffic and grow my clients’ businesses.

– Tracy

As a logistics and business expert, I help eCommerce, manufacturing, and small businesses grow by streamlining their transportation facilities and providing them with tips I have learned in the field over the last 10 years. With a decade of experience in the transportation industry, I take pride in offering readers insights into the recent news and info on shipping, freight, logistics, supply chain, maritime, and trade sectors, enabling them to make better business decisions.

– Rakesh


Convoy On The Air was founded by Tracy and Rakesh in 2018. As two dreamers with the same vision of making their business dream a reality, Tiz and Mike decided to combine their different passions into one venture. As successful professionals in their respective fields, they created this website as a means to guide, motivate, and educate others with similar aspirations to become better managers, successful entrepreneurs, smart employees, and a promise for a better future!


Frequently Asked Questions

The Issuing bank and Confirming bank have a responsibility to discuss the reasons for the delay in releasing the Original Bills of Lading and to arrange for at least one original to be surrendered to the shipping company/agent at destination so the cargo can be released.

The main function of a Transportation Management System (TMS) is to assist in the efficient and cost-effective movement of products from A to B. An effective transportation management system will provide end-to-end visibility of the entire multiparty network (not just logistics providers) and will provide support for multimodal and container shipping, pallet shipping, and parcel shipping. With a robust TMS solution, you can manage rates and invoices as well as track KPIs.

Identify your target audience and develop a marketing strategy to reach them. Additionally, keep in mind that your company’s story is a valuable content topic for building brand awareness. Choosing the type of content you want to use is the next step. There is always a need for new information. Post something different from your competitors if you want to stand out in your industry. As well as sharing their values, customers also prefer brands that give back to the community. Your content marketing strategy can be incredibly effective if you’re an active member of your community.

As a general ledger, ERP systems are essentially limited to receiving and storing data within the company’s four walls, with no functionality for processing, analyzing, or optimizing that information. This means they can only send and receive information from and to network partners, such as carriers, suppliers and warehouses. A static system like this with fixed business rules cannot handle the complexities of modern supply chains.

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